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Safety First!

EcoRainforest, Inc. counts with the only ACCT Certified Inspector in Puerto Rico to provide us with a full time in-house program since 2018 in the following areas:

• Daily, quarterly and annual inspection program for the park.

• Guide re-certification, monthly trainings and drills.

• Structured EcoRainforest, Inc. daily management, guides and operating procedures.

• Implemented daily safety protocols and procedures during the tours.

• Equipment check program (daily & quarterly).

• Created a full time in-house maintenance crew.

• Tour guides receive 40 hours of training and must pass the exam to work as guides.

EcoRainforest, Inc. created safety and operating procedures manuals with all the emergency protocols, procedures and training guidelines for our staff. No other adventure company in Puerto Rico has this type of organization and structure.


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